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WeaveCrafters ... the basket people

Thanks for taking the time to visit us. We are a family owned company, small enough to be genuinely interested in the individual needs and concerns of all of you, large enough to meet these needs, whatever they may be. We ship thousands of quality baskets annually, and have customers in some 37 states at last count.

If you've researched our site, you already know we are located in the heart o' Texas. You may not know that we are actually only about 29 miles from the exact geographical center of our great state. Our facilities are located in an area of natural hill-country beauty–in fact, the floral display pictured above and on our home page was taken on a pleasant spring day at the front entrance to our facilities. (By the way, for you good non-Texans, those are Texas Bluebonnets you see, our state flower.)

But who are the voices you've become familiar with when you call? Who is this "Jerry" guy?...or Elaine, or Lesa, or David? Well, actually, you are talking to two husband/wife teams who manage the company. Until we get a better picture, the below will suffice. David is the good looking one, Lesa is the one you hear singing in the background, Elaine is the one with the Wal-Mart sack in her hand, and me?...well, I'm the one in the shop helping get your order out the door. Or maybe in the office checking the e-mail or with the telephone to my ear, taking that big order you just received from one of your corporate accounts.

                           Jerry and Elaine Johnson  ~  David and Lesa Scott

~  A Bit of Our History  ~         

With that short intro behind us, what about the company?  OK, briefly–-It was sometime in the early eighties that we opened shop as Superior Hardwoods, builders of custom-made Oak Furniture. We specialized in Oak dining tables, from solid top round tables to large double pedestal family tables. We produced no baskets at all.

Later in that same decade (1988 actually), we were confronted with the opportunity to change our direction in our handiwork. We did–-a very BIG change for us–-changing lanes completely, from hardwood furniture to a modest line of hand-crafted baskets. This change in direction proved successful, and our product line grew rapidly–-from about seven different styles of baskets offered to around 50 or 60 styles.

At the first, we offered no state shaped baskets at all, directing our attention and quality to the traditional round, oval, and rectangular shaped baskets. We gradually added others...Egg Baskets, Flower Baskets, Utensil Baskets, Napkin and Tissue Baskets, Apple Baskets, Bread Baskets, Casserole Carriers, and on and on. Two of the most popular items ever produced were our Magazine Basket and our Lazy Susan (the Lazy Susan is still available). The Illinois based company, County Peddlers and Company of America®, ordered these by the multiplied thousands. In these years we offered our baskets painted, and in many colors.   

Early on, many of those involved in our production–the weaving of the baskets–-were stay-at-home-Moms. With this system, these girls could be at home with their children (where mothers need to be), but could contribute considerably to the family income. They worked "by the piece" and made excellent hourly wages. 

After several years of production, our next–and likely our last–major change came when we made the decision to go all natural (no painted baskets). Simultaneous with this was a push related to our state shaped baskets, already growing rapidly in popularity. Today, these state baskets are our specialty. We produce all 50 states, but if you have toured our website, you know that we also offer a number of other items that have proved popular–the Cowboy Boot, the Cowboy Hat, the Jalapeño/Chili Pepper, Hearts, the Lazy Susan, as well as several other items.

So, that’s pretty much it. God has been good to us. The demand for our crafts increases every year that passes. We are, first of all, thankful to God for this blessing, and at the same time feel a deep gratitude to so many of you who have been a part of this blessing, remaining faithful customers through the years. We are also grateful to our many new customers and the friendship you have allowed us to cultivate with you. All of you are more than clients. You are our friends. You have encouraged us with your comments about the high quality of our products and our fair pricing, as well as your gratitude for our rapid turn-around time. But above all that, we are humbled that you have noticed Christian integrity governing every facet of our business. Thank you for helping us build WeaveCrafters into the enjoyable and beneficial enterprise it is for us all.

       – Jerry, Elaine, David, Lesa
                                                                  ...and all the rest 
Welcome to Our WeaveCrafters' "About Us" Page !!
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Specializing in Texas Shaped Baskets -- great containers for gift basket items
Specializing in Texas Shaped Baskets -- great containers for gift basket itemsSpecializing in Texas Shaped Baskets -- great containers for gift basket itemsSpecializing in Texas Shaped Baskets -- great containers for gift basket items
Specializing in Texas Shaped Baskets -- great containers for gift basket items
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